Monday, January 9, 2012

Do U have Goals???

Last January I posted this picture of Goals etc. that I wanted to work on throughout 2011. I hung it right on the wall next to my side of the bed, so I could see it every night and morning. I looked at it several times throughout the year. It was a great reminder to help me focus on alot of the things in life that mean the most to me and to stick with them.
2011 Goal Frame

I have pondered alot about the things that I was able to accomplish. One word could just describes what it is that I was working on. Its amazing how much detail I could write down about one word and what kind of experience I had with it. I beleive I have found a new way to Journal that works for me. All I have to do next , is sit down and write about these experiences that I have been through this past year. I cant wait to start compiling these in a Binder and then look back at them in a few years!

Here is my 2012 Goal Frame

As you can tell, some of my Goals are the same and some are New Goals. Iam excited about 2012 and Iam already feeling like its going to be a wonderful year!

*Have you thought about what you want to accomplish???
*What are your goals??
*What matters most to you in life??
*What is something new you want to learn?

May you have the desire to live your life to the fullest,enjoy it doing what you love and spending it with those you love!
Happy New years to you!

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