Saturday, June 23, 2012


  1. Gather some Rocks
  2. Get a Black Sharpie
  3. Some chalk
  4. 1 Cute girl to put X's and O'S on the rocks\
  5. Draw the lines for the Game AND play!
We did this last summer while visitng Gma. It was a fun afternoon game while Bugs was busy taking a nap.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A simple Friendship Gift!

 I have a friend who moved away last month. I wanted to give her something special. She likes to  cook and does a great job at it. A friend who does vinyl made this fun Recipe card Holder and I found this fun Recipe for Friendship online. I Love how it turnend out!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Cookies

Spring Sugar Cookies!
Make some Sugar cookie dough
Roll dough into small Balls
Dump Sprinkles into a Ziplock Bag
Place the Ball of dough in the bag and Shake it around
Place on a Greased cookie sheet
Flatten with a fork
Cook at 375 deg. for 9-12 min.

Let cool and then Enjoy! We ate a few and then Put some on a Spring plate and Delivered to a FRIEND! Hope everyone is Enjoying SPRING-TIME as much as we are!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Perennials IN Pots!

Heres Doodle giving me some help. She is cutting down all the old grass from my Carl Forester ( Perennial grass). I have had this grass in a Pot for the last 3 years. Each fall I just let the plant be. If you leave it then all of the dead leaves act as an insulator for the plants and they are protected better during the winter. In the Spring, we cut out all the dead and then we can see all the new leaves coming back up!
 Here is all the EXCITING new growth! Hurray !
not much there yet, BUT i know its alive!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dirtiest Places

Trying to keep Kids Healthy is sometimes a Battle. Here is something I came across that I wanted to share! Straight from

Some of the Dirties Places!

Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder was named the third-germiest spot in the home in a 2011 study. Flushing a toilet that's near a toothbrush holder exposes it to a plume of contaminated water droplets. To clean, run it through the dishwasher's high-temperature cycle or wash weekly in hot water and follow with a disinfecting wipe.

Pet Areas
Pets and kids are natural buddies. But pets can transmit bacteria, viruses, and parasites to kids through their waste, saliva, or dander. Pet toys and bowls can be a source of coliform -- a family of bacteria that includes salmonella and E. coli. Kids should always wash their hands after touching pets or pet toys, dishes, or food. And, yes, avoid pet kisses.

Exposure to bacteria in dirt is good for kids, experts say. But beware of some hazards. Don't let kids play in a yard with animal droppings. Make sure your child's DTaP and Tdap booster vaccines are up to date so any cuts or scrapes are protected from tetanus.

Open condiments, a leaky meat package, spoiled milk -- plenty of nasty things can await kids in the refrigerator. Salmonella, campylobacter, and norovirus, which can cause upset stomach and diarrhea, are common kitchen bacteria. To avoid contamination, properly store food that goes bad easily. Wash and disinfect refrigerator walls and shelves.

Animal Environments

Petting zoos, educational farms, and school exhibits where kids can get close to animals are great places to learn. They’re also places for bacteria to spread. Young children are especially at risk. Kids should never take food, drinks, baby bottles, pacifiers, or toys into animal areas. They should wash their hands after touching animals, too.


With food spills, grease, and human and pet traffic, kitchen floors can be filthy places to play. But other floors can be dirty, too. Carpet and hard floors may be covered in dust mites, mold, food particles, outside dirt, and even bits of insects. These can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Fungi that cause athlete's foot and ringworm also can lurk.

Standing Water
A pool of standing water is a tempting place to play -- whether it's a pond, a bucket of rainwater under a leaky roof, or a puddle in a tire swing after a storm. It's also a breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, and insects such as mosquitoes, which can transmit West Nile virus and other diseases.

Germs at School

A 2006 study in two Michigan schools found about 800 times more germs on classroom water fountains than on toilet seats. Plastic cafeteria trays were another hot spot. But another study found that grade-schoolers’ absences for illness were cut in half when children used hand sanitizers and when areas such as desktops were disinfected daily.

In the Coatroom

Children in school or day care are the most common carriers of head lice in the U.S. -- usually through head-to-head contact. Less often, head lice are spread through sharing hats, combs, brushes, or clothing. As a precaution, some schools assign cloakroom hooks and cubbies and have children store hats in their coat pockets or sleeves.

Play Spots and Gyms

Schools and day care centers, especially those with sports or playground facilities and equipment, are hot spots for the spread of bacteria such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Staph bacteria enter the body through uncovered cuts and open wounds. Sharing towels and playing contact sports such as wrestling are other ways it spreads.


Turns out the sandbox at your local park holds more than just sand. A 2010 study found sandboxes have the highest level of bacteria in the playground -- 7,440 per inch. These bacteria come from hands, food, and diapers.animals (like cats and raccoons) as well as human saliva,  Not all germs are harmful, of course, but where there are a lot of bacteria, it's likely that some are.

Shopping Malls

It's no surprise that all sorts of germs await kids at indoor malls, especially during cold and flu season. What are some of the trouble spots? Studies show escalator rails, elevator buttons, video game controllers (such as at movie theaters and arcades), and ATMs as germ hot spots because they are not cleaned regularly. Washing hands can help, but scrub thoroughly: Public restroom sinks and faucets carry lots of germs, too.

 Seriously, If you stop and Read and think about it, These all make sense!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

You got what in the Mail ???????

This is a Fun project the Doodlebugs helped me with During Spring Break! We Love our Family and really Miss them at certain times during the year. To help with our Homesickness for them, we like to send fun things in the Mail!
 All you need is:
Large Easter Eggs
A Fun note
Clear tape
Adress Label
On the End of the Egg we put who they were from!
*Go send them at your Local Post office. They were just Under $2 ea. for shipping!
If you were a recipient of one of these, we hope you enjoyed them and know how much we love you!

Happy Easter Weekend!