Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toilette Paper Rolls!

There are several uses for toiletter paper rolls.
The other night we were bored and I decided to try something different. I told the girls " lets go outside and play" I grabbed my camera and a few toilette paper rolls, (that I may have found in the garbage can while contiplating in a certain room on the throne in the only place a mom can get away , what I should do with Doodles and Bugs to help them not be bored!)

SO, outside we went. I gave a tube to each girl and let them use it to play eye spy and look around outside and discover some things. they also went down the slide while holding it. Ok, So that I idea only worked to entertain them for a few min. before I knew it they were chucking them back at me and saying they were done. Well, they decided to keep playing on the swing set, So I put a tube on the end  of my camera lens and started having fun taking some pictures!

I think they turnend out pretty cute, AND I didnt have to do much cropping to the pictures! 

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