Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting kids to clean!

" Clean up Glasses"

Cleaning up has always been hard to get my oldest daughter to do. She does great at getting things out, but sure hates to clean up. On the other hand little sis. will dump and make messes, but loves to help me clean up! When ever I say "who is going to help me ___" Little sis. is usually the first one to pipe up and say ME! or "I can do that mom"

So, the other day I was trying to clean up the house and I noticed a few pairs of sunglasses sitting on the counter. SO, I grabbed both pairs and helped the girls get them on and then I told them that they were "special " cleaning glasses and that they were going to help us get things picked up! Guess what ? IT WORKED! IT WAS FUN and they HAD FUN!

Other things we have done to get them to help are: Lets see who can pick up everything that has ---- color on it get out the toy shopping cart and they load it up and then take it to the toy room, Turn on some fun music, (Threaten that the toy monster is going to come eat them up he ,he) pretend like they are shopping, use the laundry basket to gather things up, ride around on the stick horse and pick up toys. We also try to get them to keep toys in just the toy room and out of the bedroom, So their bedroom will stay clean and can be used for reading or sleeping!

What are some fun things you have done to get your kids to help out around the Home??????

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