Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Barbie Birthday Party!

Barbie Birthday Party!
Doodle turned 6 a few weeks back and I cant beleive it! she is growing up way tooooo fast!
We decided to have a Barbie Birthday Party. Here are some fun things that I used to Decorate with:

Of course we had to eat on Fun Barbie plates, BUT how do you like the Napkin and Silverware Holder???? The Barbie Car worked Perfect!
 Center Peice of Pink Flowers and Doodle added her own touch by putting the Barbie in the vase! I used Tinsel Garland that I found on the after christmas sale inside of the bottom of the vase and a simple pink Tulle bow.
 Here are the Party Favors. I dont like buying all the little party favor bags and filling them with just junk that is going straight to the garbage. I was so excited when I found these party favors on the after christmas sale for only $1 each. they came with a bath scrubbie, shower gel, lotion and Lip gloss. I dressed them up by adding a pretty Tulle bow. Oh yeah, Do you see that Silver Platter underneath, I got that at the thrift store for only $2
 We added some of the Barbies that she received for her Birthday to the table for decoration. Behind this Barbie is a Wine Glass filled with colored gumballs and the girls loved them!
 They had a fun picknick on the floor eating Pizza, olives, apples, oranges and Capri suns.
 I blindfolded them and they had to find the Barbie head and try to put Red lipstick on her lips. It was very entertaining to watch them. I bought this Barbie head at a yard sale for $0.50 last summer.
 We played the Oreo cookie game. You have to stick the cookie on your forehead and try to get it to your mouth without using your hands. You have to move and wiggle your skin and slide it across your eye lid by moving your eye lashed and then wiggle your cheeks until you can slide it to a corner of your mouth and grab it with your lips, its VERY fun to watch!
 We played the FREEZE DANCE!
 I painted their fingernails!
Doodle opened her Presents
AND then we had Cake and Ice Cream!
Happy Birthday Doodle, you are the sweetest, cutest, Funnest 6 year old ever!

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  1. I love your Barbie party! I am planning a Barbie party also and there are so many ideas out there on the internet. Yours was simple and sweet!