Saturday, February 26, 2011

Poke- N -Peek

Just wanted to share a SNEAK PEAK of one of my favorite thrift stores here in town. Its called: you got it! The Poke N Peek.  Go ahead laugh and say whatever cause thats exactly what my mom, my SIL and I did 10 yrs ago when we discovered it. We even dared each other to go up to the door and open it to see what was inside. Who would have thought 10 yrs later I would actually be living in this area and love to come shop here. NOT ME!

Here is the Toy area. Our Girls love this area and head right for it as soon as we get into the doors. We have found many slightly used toys here and also have seen many of our own toys that we have donated! The girls always end up bringing home some sort of stuffed animal that they find, but thats ok cause this is their TREASURE SPOT!

 Bugs even found a Huge Minnie Mouse this particular trip, she would have been perfect for that bday party a few weeks ago!
 You see this area, yeah Iam not a huge fan of how they display all that breakable stuff right in the arms reach of the children and near the toy section. Bugs and Doodle always seem to make their way over there and find t-cups etc. and pretend they are having T Parties. and their mom is shuttering because she doesnt want anything broken. 
 Plus size clothing for Women is kept in a seperate room, way to make use larger women feel emberessed! J/K :)
 Childrens clothing room. I have found several gently used items in this room for both girls. I love it when I find Brand name clothing that is gently used. Some of the fun thigns that I have found are: Dancing Leatards, cotton leggins, skirts , dresses and even new Speedo Swimsuits.
 NO Iam not to Good to shop at thrift stores. I like to look for Gently used or new items, sometimes I find items in their packages and sell them on e-bay, I NEVER buy Underwear, used socks, clothing with holes or stains, or warped or damaged furniture. YES, I have donated something back to the same place with the tag on it from when I bought it there.{Just carying that tradition on for you Grandma :) }
 I think its FUN to go Hunting for unusual Treasures at the Thrift stores and sometimes its just Plain HILARIOUS to go and see funny things that have been donated!

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