Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wrapping Techniques!

Silver Christmas wrapping paper for Birthday Presents!

We have literally attended 6 birthday parties in the last 2 1/2 months. I like to go hit up a few stores after christmas to find somethings that I might be able to use during the year. I saw this wrapping paper and snatched it up. I knew it would make perfect paper for Birthdays etc. BUT the ONLY PROBLEM is -This momma ran out of tape un-expedilly, so I had to improvise!

 You would never know that I had to use masking tape on this present. I neatly wrapped it by putting masking tape under the edges. you can go to and watch several videos on how to wrap packages just like the dept. stores do. I used this technique. then I used tulle that I had on hand to bring across all the sides just in case the tape didnt hold.

After I brought all the tulle to the center on top of the package, I tied it in a few knots and then added some fun curling ribbon I also had on hand!

 Perfect for one Special little Girl and I didnt have to make a trip to the store just for some silly Tape!

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