Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 year old Birthday Party!

Bugs had her second Birthday a few weeks Back. I cant beleive my baby is 2!
It was a Minnie Mouse theme.
Why??? It all stems from an adorable dress-up dress that she loves to wear about 3 days a week and even wants to sleep in it, until I tell her its too dirty and I have to wash it. Its black and red with white polka dots. But, I decided we would do a minnie party in brighter colors.

Well, a week before we celebrated Bugs party I went to a Bday party for a friends daughter and guess what?? Yep, it was decorated in Minnie Mouse theme! I  mentioned that we were doing the same thing and she gave me some stuff that was used for the Party! SCORE!

Here is a Piniata from the previous Bday party.
I decided to cut it in half and make two things out of it.

 I used one side for Decoration and Hung it with decorative ribbon !
 The other side of the Piniata we used for a Bean bag toss game. Since we were dealing with kids 2.5 yrs old and younger, we had to make it simple. So, i just cut a large hole to toss the Bean Bags through. Then we used it to take everyones pictures!
 Here's another fun thing I was given. This super cute Mouse ears Birthday Banner. Super Cute Disney Font and fun pink Bows. Sure glad I didnt have to spend the extra time making this. Melissa, you did an awesome Job!
 A Friend was giving this cute lil Minnie to the Thrift store, So we borrowed it from her and used it as a Decoration around the Lunch table.Thanks miss Emmie :)

Birthday Lunch:
Since we were feeding little kids, I wanted to do all finger Foods! I just made hot dogs and cut them up into circles, we had Cheetos and here are a few other thing we had below!
Orange and Apple slices
Olives and String cheese cut up into circles
 ( btw-kids eat string cheese much better when its cut into smaller peices)
Dont forget the Tooth Picks, My girls love eating with toothpicks and it makes
their meals so much more fun!
I just put them in a small drinking cup and placed a sticker on it! This reminds me of a few years back when I was home visiting family. Doodle and I were watching my cute little nephew "Bubba" and I pulled out the tooth picks for them to eat witth and he was SOO EXCITED! The first bite he took he said " hmmmm.......this is good" it was soo stinking cute!
I printed cute pictures of minnie on cardstock and the little kids colored them when they first got there!
Party Favors:
Here is what Bugs gave her friends when it was time for them to leave. We also attatched a bright Helium Ballon to the string of the Crackers!
It was a VERY FUN little Birthday Party! She did very well. there were No tears or crying. She was just soo happy to have all her friends around , and laughed and was silly with them, and had fun making piggy sounds and watching her friends laugh at her!

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