Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Wreath!

Both of my girls Birthdays are 3weeks apart! I thought this would be a fun tradirion to start. I have seen it somewhere on blogging land,but I cant remember where! SO, this is what we do with our B-Day wreath: it hangs on the bedroom door of who evers b-day we will be celebrating that month! Then after their bday it gets taken down!

Our Girls Love it and it makes them excited for their special day!

I used a foam wreath frame, 10 pkgs of ballons from the dolalr store that i bought on 88 cent Tuesday, heavy wire and some wire clippers. I cut the wire in a U Shape and then inserted 3 balloons inside and then inserted it into the foam!

WARNING: your wreath may be very heavy once you go to hang it! if you have a cute little girl nearly 6 years old who gets mad at you and runs into her room and slams the door , it may fall on the floor and bust into several peices! :) in this case you may want to start all over and use a straw wreath frame!

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  1. I LOVE this. So cute! What a fun party decoration!

    :)rachel at