Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Funky Feet!

Here are my NEW Funky Feet!

This Mama has been down for the last couple days!!!

While leaving church the other day I stepped off the curb wrong and rolled Not one, but BOTH my ankles! It was scary cause no one was around And I had bugs( my 23 month old) in my arms when I fell. Thank you Dear Heavenly Father for watching over and protecting her that she landed safley on her bum and only had a few tears.

As for Mama it took about 10 tries to stand up because my ankles and legs kept giving out on me.I could go on about how I had this huge hole in my Panty hose with scrapes and bleeding and that those new shoes that I wore are peices of crap and I want to sue Target for now, and how I have to use my left foot to push the break in my car and only my toes to push the gas peddle. That I crawled on my hands and knees while cleaning the house the other morning, or that I havent been able to shower for 2 days, BUT NONE OF THAT really matters.

What really matters is that the Situation is not worse and that my ankles are not BROKEN. That I have a toddler who survived the fall and that Everything is A-OK!

To make a long story short, I had X-rays done and there are no broken bones. I was sent home with Crutches and a walking cast. Today is day 3 and Iam feeling much better.

Honestly when I fell the First thing that came to my mind was : That I was not going to be able to take care of my children.

 Iam trying to make the best out of this BECAUSE it giveS me a WONDERFUL opprotunity to sit down and play with my kids more, to color with them, read stories, play dolls, Wrap Christmas Presents and EVEN get all those CRAFTS done that I have been wanting to finish!

So here's hoping that I get to have some good quality time this week with the ones I love the most, a speedy recovery and there will be some FUN posts coming your way!

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  1. So sorry that you twisted both ankles, that is the pitts! But I am so glad that everything turned out all right. Heavenly Father really does watch after us. :)