Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to the Hub!

This is "The Hub"
where the most delicious Hot chocolate that I have ever had is made!
This past weekend I went to RENO,NV with some friends. One of them introduced me to this awesome hole in the wall Coffee shop. Now , Iam not a Coffee Drinker,but I love the smell of it. And Oh the smell of it was WONDERFUL as soon as we walked in.

 Ok, So since this was our first stop I really had to use the restroom. I walked in and emmediatly loved it. The Decor was awesome! The above picture shows this awesome Chalk board next to the toilette.Nope I didnt write anything, but I should have! :)
Sitting right next to the toilette on this little counter was a Box of Chalk for the chalk board and Napkins  in that cute little basket of that Bycicle!

 The inside! A very small shop that lots of people, old or young were hanging out, socializing and reading the newspaper!
Some of the awesome Decor! Iam luvin the frames!

And here he is , the one who owns the Hub and makes the Coffee! He made the most Delicous Hot chocolate for me! Just imagine the wonder Frothe' on top of the most wonderful Hot chocoalte EVER!

I love visiting little shops like these. I love the Decor and Ambiance that come with them!
 Hope you enjoyed visiting it!

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  1. I love hot chocolate! Have you tried the caramel salted hot chocolate at Starbucks? Oh so delicious!!!