Thursday, November 11, 2010

ThankFul For....................

Here is our ThankFul Project my family has been working on. Each day , (if we remeber) we write on a leaf what we are Thankful for and then tape it on the tree. Its been really fun so far and then kids really look forward to taping their leaf on the tree.

It was Super Duper easy to make. I just cut branches out of card stock and taped them on the wall with clear tape, then used the cricket to cut some letters out and taped them on the wall. Here is where I got the fun templates for the leaves:

I love the things that Doodle and Bug like to right down, especially when Dad asked Bug the other night what she was Thankful for, now Remeber she is only 22 months and she said "BackPack", so thats what went on her leaf! It was also very funny when Doodle was mad the other night and made her own leaf and wrote       " Iam not Thankful for dinner" Becuase she did not like what I made! It was super funny and we got a good kick out of it!
Hope you all are enjoying Novemeber as much as Iam. Only 2 weeks until we get to be a Grandma and Grandpas for ThanksGiving!

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