Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bright and Simple Decorations!

Here's a simple decorations that I made to brighten up my Kitchen! I have vaulted ceilings in here and the space above these windows has been driving me crazy and I have been trying to think of something simple, but bright to put up there! Here's just one picture, but the other side of the wall mirrors the same thing. Great addition to our little nook in back of the kitchen! p.s. Try not to let the UGLY wallpaper in the background distract you, we are Renting :(

These are the things I used

1.6 Artits canvas boards
2. Cute Fabric
3. Cute Ribbon
4. Hot glue gun

I measured the fabric and cut it to cover each canvas, leaving extra to glue the fabric on the back.
After glueing the fabric I made cute little hangers for each one out of cute ribbon and glued them onto the canvas on the back! Then I decided a couple of them needed some ribbon on the front to add a little extra!Iam thinking If i find the right kindof large flower I may glue them to the center of the Green ones!  

It was my kindof project: simple, cute , inexpensive!  


  1. Thanks for linking up on SugarBee Take-A-Look Tuesday! - Mandy,

  2. Every kitchen at sometime or other has had that pretty wallpaper :) Good idea for adding life to your walls!

  3. I agree - that's my kind of project too!
    Just dropped by from Whatever Goes Wednesday :)

  4. That's a really cute idea!
    Don't apologize for the wallpaper. The wallpaper in my kitchen was hideous--an allover print of seed packets that was majorly orange to match the orange counters (can you say "Brady Bunch"?)! I was so glad when it was torn down and the counters replaced. Sometimes, you just have to wonder about people's tastes, LOL!

  5. Cute idea. I love the bright color of the canvases in your kitchen. I didn't notice the wallpaper until you mentioned it, really.