Sunday, May 9, 2010


Dry Erase Board
I recently just made this, didnt write anything fun on it cause my marker was drying up, but you can see how cute it turned out!
Step 1-Get One picture frame, cute fabric and a glue gun
Step 2- Measure the fabric so it will fit all away around the board that comes in the frame, in my case I didnt have one that came with the frame so I used the main peice that goes on the back :(  only down side is the back is unfinished, but who see's it besides the wall anways!

Step 3- Hot glue the fabric onto the board, I hot glued the corners on first so I could make sure the fabric got pulled tight on each side. Then I glued the sides last!

Step 4-This is what it should look like on the front!
Easy Peasy!

Below are some fun things I have been doing lately
 that I thought I would share wiht ya all!

See this ugly dry erase board that has been on my fridge for the last 2 years collecting phone numbers, memos and outdated phone numbers?? I was sick of it and I needed a bigger one, So i decided to get rid of it!
 I replaced it with this ,AHHH....So much better!!! Much bigger in fact it covers the whole top door of our fridge , but its much nicer. On one side I have all important numbers for friends, babysitters, Doctors etc.
Then on the other half I Made it our Grocery list. Everytime we empty a jar, open a can to use etc. we write it down on the Grocery list. This worked great last week when I just copied down this list and took it to the store, instead of having to think about what we had used!

uGGG.......The dreaded laundry, a job that is never done! I hate doing laundry, more like I despise doing laundry, i always fold it on the kitchen table or on our bed. If its not moved off the table by dinner time it gts thrown on the couch and then taken care of. If its not taken care of by the time we are ready to get in bed it gets thrown on the ceddar chest. 
UNTIL a couple weeks ago I decided to start doing this

 Once the laundry is out of the dryer, get those hangers and hang eerything up on them!

I divide the clothes into mine , his and the kids and then it makes it that much more easier to put them away!
Wow!! Laundry isnt that bad to do after all!
Some of you may do this already, BUT I guess Iam a slow learner when it comes to some things!

I found this nifty little organizer at Walmart in the office supply section. I emmeditly thought of my girls bathroom when i saw this. So I decided I needed one. It now hold all the hair Brushes, ponytailers, hairspray etc. So the countertop it clutter free!  


  1. CUTE!!! I love the fabric on the dry erase board!

  2. Shaun and I started a system a long time ago. I fold the clothes that need to be folded and he hangs the others up, guess who's got the most to do:) and he is suppose to unload the dishwasher, I load and do the dishes by hand, guess what I have to do today. Maybe our system isn't a good one:)