Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cute Wedding Decorations!

I Just wanted to share some really cute, fun and creative ideas from my Brothers wedding reception a couple weeks ago!
 Table Centerpeices
How cute is that!! I loved it when I saw it!

A Very cute and simple cake! I was talking with the lady who had made it and she worked so hard on it and said it was her first time using fondant, I think she did a Great job!

My Brother had this made to give his bride as a wedding gift!
 I LOVED IT when I saw it. Its totally his style, meaning the frame with the barb wire and the barn wood. I love the words that he chose to use from one of the songs that
Alabama sings-Treat her right, : "The maker said take her and Love her Forever"

Loved this Picture gift someone made them!

The Brides mom made this blanket out of Scarves, how Clever and simple!
I think this would be fun to make as a picnic blanket or campling quilts!

The Brides Mom also made this quilt. She took all of my new sis. in laws sports shirts for the teams that she had played on and cut them up and used the most important parts and peiced them together to make a quilt!

Another fun Idea, Give them a cake made out of towls. we have all seen the diaper cakes, but i havent seen the towel cakes in person, it was really cute!


  1. Yes there were so many cute things weren't there! I made the pic of them behind the temple and the towel cake so if you ever want to learn how to make either just let me know.

  2. I LOVE the towel cake, I'd love to have the directions to make it, and the scarf blanket, my mom made one out of my grandmas hankys and gave it to my cousins baby that was born shortly after she died, its a nice keep sake.