Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travel Pillows

Doodle Loved this pillow! She picked out the Fabric and the ribbon that she wanted me to use! Then later that night she was so excited about it that she wanted to sleep with it!
The finished product, my pics keep loading backwards so just bear with me!

Fabric covering the size of the pillow to show how much I would need to make the pillow case big enough!

I stole one of my hubbys pillows the one that was on the bottom of the stack of three, and YES I did ask for permission. I wanted to make these pillows so that we could use them to travel with next week. I took a pillow and just cut it in half with regular scissors, then had to kindof tear the stuffing a little. Then I sewed it shut with my sewing machine.
The next step was to pick out what faric to use and Doodle did a great job of picking out the fabric that she wanted on her pillow. I measured the fabric by wrapping it around the pillow and leaving just a little extra to sew it.
I think it turned out GREAT and it was a fun inexpensive project that didnt cost be anything cause I had all the supplies at home!
WARNING: Most of my sewing projects I do not even use a measuring tape on, I just EYEBALL it and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. I love to look at other people's ideas and come up with a similar idea but add a new twist of my own! So I hope you enjoy this blog as it is a new adventure to share with others what I do and How I do it.

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