Sunday, August 7, 2011

Petit fours

Petit fours

I made these cute little Petit Fours for a T-Party
They were fun and the girls ages 8-12yrs  LOVED THEM!

I will say they are time consuming, but worth making them when I saw all the reaction from the girls!

Petit fours are bite-sized individual cakes that are typically served at cocktail and dinner parties, baby and wedding showers or during an elegant tea service. Petit fours are usually elaborately decorated with different color icings and decorations depending upon the theme of the event. For example, petit fours for a wedding may be iced and designed to look like a wrapped present with a bow. It can be difficult to ice a petit fours because of their small sizes. Read more: How to Ice Petit Fours

I made them out of Pound cake. After the cake cooled in the fridge for about 1/2 hr I sliced them into squares. The cake was so thick that I deciced to cut all the squares in half so there would be more.

After slicing them, I dipped every single one of these little guys into white chocolate using a fork. Then i transfered them onto drying racks that were sitting on top of a cookies sheet. Now, there are several ways you can do the icing such as: container bought, making your own etc. but I just bought the big brick-Almond Bark of white chocolate and melted it in the microwave and it worked great.

when they all dried, I gently popped them off of the cookie racks and then used a fun icing tip to add a flower on top and a leaf to the side. I had some extra little sugar beads, so I put those in the center of the flowers and it finished them off!

BEWARE: this is Time consuming, and takes a few bazillion little patients that I did not have at the time. I was glad to be done making them, but it was worth it in the end!

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