Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break Ideas!

38 Kid Crafts and Boredom Busters for Spring Breakby Laurie Spring break is around the corner and it’s time to start planning some fun boredom busters and crafts to do together! Therefore, I created a mega list of kid crafts, sewn activities, and boredom busters all complete with pictures tutorials. Happy playing!

Boredom Busters

1. Old-Fashioned Yarn Dolls – an easy activity for kids that would also be cute tied on the top of a smartly wrapped present or on a gift bag handle.

2. Easy Candy Making With Kids Aged 3 and Up -My 3 yr old made the candies we used at a baby shower we hosted.

3. Home Made Board Game - Make a board game featuring your kids. Used a blank game board from and printed questions on business cards from….it was fun to make, and my kids love playing it.

4. Marshmallow Play Dough – Edible play dough that children can make and eat.

5. Repurposed Crayons – Wondering what to do with all of your broken crayons? Don’t toss ‘em! Melt ‘em.

6. Yarn Book Worms - An easy book & reading craft for kids.

7. Make Your Own Coloring Pages - How to use Picnic to make your own coloring pages from photos.

8. Homemade Marshmallows - How to make homemade marshmallows – So easy and the kids can help.

9. Coolest Play Make Up Ever - Make realistic looking play-make-up for your little girls with items in your closet.

10. No-Mess Make-up for Little Ladies – Here’s a fabulous way to include your daughter in your mirror/make-up time…without messing up the bathroom counter/floor/wall…or her lovely, little face!

11. DIY Pretend Cookware Storage and Stove - Transform tub into stove/kitchen toy storage.

12. Decoupage Kids Art Beads and Dress-Up Necklaces - Make beads out of your kids’ crayon scribbles and make dress-up necklaces for them…and for you!

13. Apple Stamped Library Bag - Tutorial on how to make a library tote with apple stamps.

14. Salad Spinner Spin Art Tutorial – All you’ll need is a second-hand salad spinner with food-grade paints to create artwork and a fun time with your kids.

15. Personalized Table Cloth Kids Can Make - I created a table cloth incorporating the hand prints of everyone in our family. Every year we get it out, marvel at how much they have grow.

16. Fun Train Craft - A train craft made out of toilet paper tubes.

17. Paint Party – Turn your backyard in to a art project.
18. Homemade Puffy Paint for the Tub - An easy homemade recipe using soap, water and dye. When piped through a cake frosting tip or squeeze bottle it creates a fantastic 3D art experience. Easy to make, easy to clean and a ton of fun!

Cool Games for Toddlers

19. Yellow Counting Car Game – This game is an easy way to distract children from those days when you run several errands and have to be in and out of the car a lot.

20. Busy Tray – Magnetic/felt activity tray made from baking sheet–great for travel, waiting rooms.

21. Farm Animal Silhouette Matching Game - Preschool activity for young children matching the animal with the correct silhouette.

22. Water bottle ring toss – Whip out the pipe cleaners and make rings out of them by twisting the ends together and fill water bottles with wheat or rice.

23. Penguin Finger Puppets - free printable template to make some darling felt penguin finger puppets.

24. Felt Tool Box - How to make the darling felt tools complete with a tool box envelope.

25. Non-Obnoxious Alphabet Magnets – Alphabet Magnets that aren’t Ugly and Tacky.

26. Preschool at Home in a can – A can full of popsicle sticks with preschool activities listed on them. Draw one each day.

Sewn Activities for Kids

27. Hula Hoop Tent - An easy sewing tutorial on how to create a fun tent for your toddler. This is where out hanging, out by the garden.

28. Paper Doll Quilt - A Quilt that is great for entertaining and keeping kids warm and snug. It also has pockets in the back to hold paper dolls.

29. Dress Up Felt Board Tutorial and Template - More than a few people have asked how to make their own felt board so I’ve listed my supplies and described the easy process of putting it together.

30. Sewing Easy Doll Clothes - An amazing round up of free doll clothes patterns and how to make them quickly and easily.

31. Handmade Kids How-To: Fabric Nesting Dolls - Here is a free patter for these fabric nesting hand puppet dolls. You can stand them up or even use them as hand puppets.

32. Chalk Cloth Table Cover – how to make chalk cloth table cover for a kids’ table.

33. Boy and Girl Felt Quiet Books – Page templates so you can create your own quiet books out of felt for your little ones.

34. Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets – My 3 Little Pigs Tutorial is so long I had to break it up into two parts. You can find the instructions for the piggies’ houses here.

35. Chalk Cloth/Oil Cloth Place mats - How to make a chalk cloth place mat to entertain your kids while you make dinner.

36. Land Of Nod inspired Floor Cushion - Make your own Floor Cushion in these large circular Land of Nod inspired seats.

37. The Sleep-Over Quilt/Tag Along Pocket Quilt - Great for on the GO, Grandma’s house and in the car!

38. Silly Face Pillow {like a potato head} -It’s like flannel graph on a pillow with a sly little pocket in the back to save all the pieces, and mom’s sanity.

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