Friday, March 18, 2011

I Like to Look for Rainbows.......

Doesnt this just make ya S-M-I-L-E !!!!
I was way excited to make this cake and I was Happy with the way it turnend out.
Now, I wouldnt just make this cake and have it sitting around my house just for the fun of it. I made it to take to Bingo night at my Daughters school for the Cake Walk.

Bake 2 cake mixes in 8 in. round cake pans
Freeze both cakes
ButterCream frosting Recipe From
Pull out of freezer and Crum frost. (Lightly Frost) the first layer. Then add the second layer on top and Crumb frost it. BTW-used the flat frosting knife from Wilton. These are awesome to ice with!

Put back in freezer or fridge until the Crum frost has chilled
Then Pull out and Add the last layer of Frosting, Decorate and then Add the finishing touches of frosting around the base and Top!
I used M & M's for the rainbow and also Mini Marshmellow. You could aslo use skittles and instead of Marshmellow use frosting and a fun decorating tip!

I do wish that I would have done Green Grass around the base and the blue on the top instead of yellow, I dont know what i was thinking, or if I was ,BUT OH WELL!

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