Thursday, July 22, 2010

Year Round Baby gift!

Here's a fun new twist for a Baby Gift!

I totally scored when I went to Toys R us a couple months ago!
 I found these baby gifts for all the Holidays. I saw them all and thought it would be so fun to Give a Gift that would last all year long. SO, I got one thing for each Holiday( at a super great Price! ) that our sweet little neice will get to use to celebrate throughout the next year.

Her mama does this fun blog:

Then, I wanted to make them cute so I made fun little sayings that would go with each item and tied them on with ribbon! I also added a small package of Diapers to go with it-cause all new moms love getting those dont they???? It all got put it a gift bag since it was traveling 5 hours away stuffed in the trunk of the car, but I think it would have been fun to put them together in some kindof fun gift basket!

First Valentines T-shirt!
Christmas Slippers
A fun toy for Easter
First Halloween T-Shirt
First Thanks-Giving Bib
St. Patricks Day Bib
A Fun Bday Crown
And I had to throw this sooo Soft Minki blanket in there and I wrapped with a simple bow!

A Fun BIG SISTER Present!
This was for the Big Sister! A Belle Barbie and a fun Princess book!
I kindof think she liked it :)


  1. I know for sure that the big sister LOVES her gift....Belle has gone swimming a lot and has already taken a few fun airplane rides :)

    THanks again for the great gift. M Loves the blanket and everything else is close by to open for the holidays to come.

    Love ya!! (thanks for the link to my blog too)

  2. Such a cute idea!!

    I'm passing an award to you. Check it out here: